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Murata to exhibit at OFC 2019


We are pleased to announce that Murata will be exhibiting at the Optical Fiber Communication® and Exposition, March 05-07, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Visit us at booth 5729 to discover our innovative products dedicated to the Ultra Broadband Market.



Murata will feature:

  • Faster solutions with the latest 100 GHz+ silicon capacitors product range;
  • Smarter integration with the new differential capacitor pairs products;
  • Smaller products in stand-alone or embedded into an interposer.
  • Streamlined optical engine deployment solution vs sensitive yield from COB assembly.

Murata is continually looking at ways to improve the performances for optical and microwave systems by developing new technology, design methodology and products in comparison with the current offers.

Murata is your partner to bring a solution from stand-alone components to optical modules.

Murata key products for optical fiber applications:

  • Single XBSC 10 nF surface mounted Silicon capacitor in 0201 case size with only 0.9 dB of insertion loss at 100 GHz;
  • True differential capacitor pairs UBDC 2x10 nF in 0402 case size with 14 dB differential return loss (under 100 Ω impedance) up to 60 GHz;
  • Ultra-low profile wire bonding silicon capacitor 0201M UBEC 10 nF with 100 µm thick. Easy assembly of high bandwidth and small Optical Interconnect engines.

These offerings can be optimized thanks to our large flexibility of customization in terms of assembly (like copper pillar bumping or embedding) and product design (interposers, capacitor arrays and RLC networks).

  • Very small size reflow solderable transmitter/receiver modules for 40G/100Gbps multi-mode data transmission.  Murata’s optical module solution provides an easy unique assembly of AOC/transceiver without the need for COB.