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IPDiA launches a major R&D program representing a M$ 48 investment for medical and lighting applications


R&D program will target high density, high voltage integrated 3D capacitor on nanostructure.

After 4 years of existence, IPDiA has decided to strengthen its growth potential and to move forward even more rapidly on its innovation projects. With its vast experience in key markets, in which integrated silicon passive components have a strong value-add, IPDiA has decided to launch a new R&D program, named MediLight 2017, to meet the demands of future innovative medical and lighting markets and IPDiAs long-term roadmap.

Thanks to a strong cooperation with ”historical” R&D partners, CEA-Leti and CRISMAT (CNRS, ENSICAEN, UNICAEN), MediLight 2017 will drive IPDiA’s innovation on:

  • High voltage and very high density 3D nanostructured integrated silicon capacitors;
  • 3D Interposer development combining new assembly performances for ultra-miniaturization.

A dedicated pilot line will be installed at IPDiA by CEA-Leti and shared between the partners to support these development projects. It will therefore strengthen IPDiAs innovation centre based in Caen, France. An innovation chain, from fundamental research (CRISMAT), technology innovation (CEA-Leti & IPDiA) to industrialization (IPDiA) will be established.

These steps forward to the “performiniaturization” will represent for IPDiA huge opportunities to set up innovations for advanced medical applications (neuro stimulation for instance), lighting (power LED) and sensors (harsh environment, automotive, etc…).

Driven by IPDiA, this 4-year project has been labelled by the French Government in the ”Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” (France strategic investment Program) context and will represent a global investment of M$48 (or 37M€) from the following partners:

  • IPDiA
  • CEA-Leti

This support confirms the trust in IPDiA innovations the pillars of next generation products.


Press Contact : Laëtitia OMNES,, +33 2 31 53 54 06