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IPDiA launches high performing 1 nF Wire Bondable vertical Silicon Capacitor (WBSC) in the smallest package (0101) for Wireless Communication, Radar and Data Broadcasting Systems.


As the market is continually moving towards higher power efficiency and higher working frequency, IPDiA, leader in high density silicon capacitors, announces the launch of its WBSC range dedicated to RF and microwave power applications up to 10 GHz(*) (DC decoupling/DC noise and harmonic filtering/matching networks functions).


These wire bondable vertical capacitors built in ultra-deep silicon trenches have been developed using a semiconductor process providing high capacitance density from 1.3 nF/mm² to 250 nF/mm² (with a breakdown voltage of respectively 450 V to 11 V). The leading product of the series shows a high capacitance value of 1 nF in a 250 µm (100 µm on request) low profile 0101 SMT. WBSCs offer the best trade-off between capacitance value and die size and they are ideal for the requirements of these most demanding applications.

The unique vertical silicon capacitor technology developed by IPDiA, provides industry-leading performance particularly in terms of capacitor stability over the full operating DC voltage (< 0.02 %/V) & temperature ranges (± 0.5 % from -55 °C to +150 °C). These capacitors also show very low dielectric absorption (0.05 %) and piezo effect.

IPDiA vertical technology gives an excellent flexibility to customize your own product such as capacitor arrays with:  

  • Form factor ratio from 1/1 to 1/8
  • Capacitance range from a few pF to several tens of nF
  • Size: from 0.010 to 3.3 square inches
  • Combination of pF and nF capacitors in a single component.

The WBSC series is compliant with the standard wire bonding approach, making the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations, and is also compatible with singlelayer ceramic capacitors and Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) single layer capacitors. The WBSC capacitors are RoHS and REACH compliant and are available with top & bottom gold metallization.


  WBSC physical parameters:

  • Available sizes: from 0101 to 0805
  • Substrate: Silicon with gold backing
  • Dielectric: Silicon dioxide / Silicon nitride

  WBSC electrical parameters

  • Capacitance range: a few pF to several tens of nF
  • Ultra large & strong rejection > -35 dB  (from 0.5 to over 10 GHz)
  • Low ESR < 10 mW and low ESL < 10 pH;
  • Excellent reliability exceeding  X7R ceramics by a factor of 100 (FIT)
  • Lower dielectric absorption (0.05 %) compared with NP0/X7R
  • No AC distortion due to low-to zero piezo effect
  • Ultra high stability capacitance:

          - Temp. ± 0.5 % (-55 °C to +150 °C)

          - DC voltage < 0.02 %/V and negligible ageing

  • Reliable and repeatable performances thanks to a fully controlled production line with high temperature curing (above 900°C) generating a highly pure oxide


(*) other series in the same format, such as UWSC, are also available for higher frequency applications.