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3D Silicon Capacitors

Murata developed a unique technology to integrate a wide range of capacitor values on silicon. Murata Silicon Capacitors offer unprecedented performance and considerably ease system integration through miniaturization. More than 1 billion consumer devices already benefit from this groundbreaking technology thus proving its maturity and reliability.

Murata High Density Capacitors can be used throughout a wide range of applications covering such diverse functions as power decoupling, signal coupling, pump charging, DC/DC power conversion, etc.

Silicon capacitors are probably the best choice in capacitors for all demanding applications.

Thanks to the unique Murata Silicon capacitor technology many of the problems encountered by application designers can be solved.

The companys portfolio includes Silicon Capacitors, from pF to tens of F specifically designed for Hi-Rel applications:

  • Xtreme Temperature Silicon Capacitors with operating temperature range from -55 C to +250 C with capacitance shift limited to +/-1%.
  • High Temperature Silicon Capacitors with operating temperature range from -55 C to +200 C with capacitance shift limited to +/-1%.
  • High Stability and Reliability Silicon Capacitors with operating temperature range from -55C to +150C that withstood burn-in tests dedicated to applications requiring highly reliable components such as medical implantables, aeronautics, avionics, automotives and military systems without any temperature constant.
Murata is also recognized as a main supplier of:
  • Low profile capacitors (<80m thin & Low X,Y) for decoupling inside critical space applications such as IC decoupling, Mems, Sensors, Memory stick, Smartcard.

All these products are provided in a package that is 10 times smaller than any other existing technologies and with very low leakage current. In order to minimize the early failures, 100% of these high reliability capacitors are subjected to burn-in tests at the end of the production process.

Murata Silicon Capacitors offer capacitor integration capability up to tens of F, offering 10 times more capacitance than capacitors containing C0G/NP0 dielectrics and very low leakage currents down to 100pA.

Compared with X7R dielectrics, our High Stability Silicon capacitors offer almost 0% capacitance drift across temperature, DC bias voltage and ageing.

Silicon Capacitors are RoHS compliant and compatible with lead free reflow soldering processes.

Strong volume constraints
Capacitor integration capability up to 2 µF/mm3

High reliability
Elimination of crack phenomena, unlike MLCC

Battery lifetime, requiring low leakage current on capacitors
Very low leakage current (<500 pA for a 200 nF capacitor at 3.6 V)

Efficient decoupling with minimum embedded capacitors
Very stable capacitor value over the full operating voltage & temperature ranges

High temperature cycling during manufacturing operations
Silicon based process compatible with high temperature cycling (exceeding 300 C)

Murata Silicon capacitor offers design services, to develop an optimized solution for any specific application requirements.

Key Features

  • Thin capacitors (down to 100 µm)
  • Smaller footprint than most MLCC, tantalum
  • Record low ESL, tunable ESR
  • Very high stability up to 200 C
  • Shorter interconnections for lower package parasitics
  • High reliability (silicon standards)
  • Compatible with any packaging/assembly configuration: wire bonds, bumping, laminates, leadframes, WL-CSP

Key Applications

  • All demanding applications
  • High-efficiency decoupling design
  • Space constraint decoupling
  • RF and microwave capacitor
  • Portable device
  • High temperature applications
  • System in package
  • Embedded die package