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RF Integrated Passive Devices

IPDiA has developed a line of Integrated Passive Devices that operate over a band from DC to 100 GHz, covering mobile communication (GSM, WCDMA, LTE) as well as UWB, WLAN (WiFi™) and Radar requirements.

Thanks to PICS, IPDiA's Integrated Passive Device technology, a wide variety of passive devices, such as baluns, couplers, splitters, filters and diplexers are integrated on a silicon substrate. This technology can save up to 80% of the printed circuit board area currently required for discrete SMD solutions. In addition, significant cost reductions and performance improvements can be achieved by replacing external SMD components by customized IPD dies.

WLAN Band Pass Filter
2.4-2.5 GHz 1.06 x 0.92 mm
ISM coupler
High Frequency capacitor
80 GHz
GSM LB Balun 1.02 x 0.8 mm
GSM/DCS Duplexer
1.7 x 1.1 mm
GSM Low Pass Filter
Stub for impedance matching at 70 GHz

Key Features

  • Passive integration on 3D silicon substrate
  • Extra small footprint
  • Inherent low Profile (as low as 150 µm thick)
  • Low insertion loss (capacitor and induction with very low ESR and ESL)
  • High RF isolation (High ohmic substrate)
  • Directly attachable on PCB or flipped on PCB
  • Self Alignment during reflow
  • Operating/Storage temperature range: -40C to +150 C

Key Applications

  • Mobile communications (DECT, GSM, WCDMA, LTE).
  • Wireless LANs (WiFi™), UWB, WiMAX, Bluetooth™.
  • Satellite TV Receivers, Radar, Microwave, Optical.
  • Galileo, GPS (military, civil).
  • Industrial (RFID, sensors).
  • Vehicle Location Systems.


Finished parts are 100% tested for electrical parameters and visual characteristics.


  • WLCSP package directly flipped on PCB
    • 250µm or 300µm bump size
    • 400µm or 500µm bump pitch
    → Lead-free SAC305 Nickel Silver Copper coating compatible with automatic soldering technologies: reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase and manual.
  • Naked die directly bounded on PCB
    • 20µm - 25µm bounding diameter size