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Application Specific Products

ASPICS is a new generation of companion chip products specifically designed for use with active ICs. Based on silicon technology for passives, IPDiA designers work with IC manufacturers to optimize passive component parts in these applications. ASPICS is designed to enhance system performance, miniaturization, time to market and reduce cost. IPDiA ASPICS simplify the whole design part by considerably reducing the number of components, the system variability, the implementation size area and the cost.

RF chipsets for SEMTECH SX1211

Based on strong RF standards and breakthrough silicon technology for passives, IPDiA designers worked with the SEMTECH SX1211 transceiver to optimize passive component parts in these applications. The result is the ASPICS320.616/626 chipsets that bring high value in ISM range of 868/915MHz.

With two variants covering the 868MHz to 915MHz RF range, the ASPICS320 puts a highly symmetric VCO tank, a loop filter with optimal bandwidth, a high matching network, high RF rejection and efficient decoupling onto a silicon chipset; it replaces 13 key components, including the SAW function, in a small footprint area of 9.8mm2.

ASPICS SX1211 chip-set is a perfect solution for many battery operated or low power applications such as Automated Meter Reading (water & gas AMR), home and building automation, wireless alarm and security systems, wireless sensor networks, industrial monitoring and remote control.

SMD area: 47mm

Semtech reference design (SMDs solution)

ASPICS area: 9.8mm

Application board with an RF silicon balun (IPDiA)

BOM for discrete solution:
13 components


Key Features

  • 2 components instead of 13 key components
  • IPD Companion for transceiver IC
  • ISM band: 863-870 MHz & 902-928 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: -40 C to +150 C
  • WLSCP packages
  • Passive integration of VCO tank, loop filter, RF matching network and efficient decoupling

Key Benefits

  • Simplified RF designs
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Number of components reduced
  • Improvement of system stability
  • Protected IP
  • Performance improvement
  • Optimized output spectrum purity
  • Limited modulation on Tx output spectrum
  • Size reduction

Key Appplications

  • Mobile communications (DECT, GSM, WCDMA, LTE).
  • Wireless LANs (WiFi), UWB, WiMAX, Bluetooth.
  • Satellite TV Receivers, Radar, Microwave, Optical.
  • Galileo, GPS (military, civil), Glonass.
  • Industrial (RFID, Emetering, home automation).
  • Automotive (pressure and temperature sensors).
  • All application fields at high temperature (DC/DC converter, AOP, etc.)

Available in small WL CSP packages, ASPICS devices are standard reflow compatible and are available in 1,000 piece tape & reel package in volume production quantities. For further design support and initial testing, evaluation boards are available together with detailed application note