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Baluns / Transformers

Product Description

IPDiA baluns have been specifically designed for space-constrained and for performances demanding applications in the GSM, DCS, WCDMA, WLAN (WiFi) and WiMax frequency ranges.
Thanks to IPDiAs proprietary IPD technology, IPDiA baluns offer a 50% gain in footprint compared to non-silicon solutions

Key Benefits

Extremely low insertion loss
. 0.5dB (typ) for dual-band WiFi
. 0.75dB (typ.) for DCS & WiFi
. 0.95dB (typ.) for GSM & WiMax
Return loss >12dB
Smaller than SMDs
Directly attachable on PCB by wire bonding with Chip On Board (COB) or flipped on PCB by standard reflow assembly
High Temperature stability
High reliability

Key Features

Passive integration on Silicon
Low insertion loss
Unbal./bal.impedance : 50Ω/50Ω or 100Ω/50Ω or 200Ω/50Ω
Frequency range : 824 to 5900MHz
Operating temperature range : -55 to +150C
WLCSP package
.160m SAC305 bump size
.500m bump pitch

P/N. Designation Freq. range (MHz) Bal/Unbal. Impedance Insertion Loss (Typ.) Return Loss (Typ.) Application PDF
RIB310.604 Balun-824MHz-LIL/100-50Ω 824-915 100Ω/50Ω <0.95dB >19.5dB GSM PDF
RIB310.613 Balun-824MHz-LIL/200-50Ω 824-915 200Ω/50Ω <0.95dB >19.5dB GSM PDF
RIB310.602 Balun-1710MHz-LIL/100-50Ω 1710-1910 100Ω/50Ω <0.9dB >14dB DCS PDF
RIB310.601 Balun-2400MHz-LIL/100-50Ω 2400-2500 100Ω/50Ω <0.75dB >14dB WiFi PDF
RIB310.603 Balun-3100MHz-LIL/100-50Ω 3100-4900 100Ω/50Ω <0.95dB >12.0dB WiMax PDF
RIB310.607 Balun-824MHz-SS/100-50Ω 824-915 100Ω/50Ω <1.15dB >19.5dB GSM PDF
RIB310.606 Balun-1710MHz-SS/100-50Ω 1710-1910 100Ω/50Ω <0.9dB >14dB DCS PDF
RIB310.605 Balun-2400MHz-SS/100-50Ω 2400-2500 100Ω/50Ω <0.75dB >14dB WiFi PDF
RIB310.609 Balun-2400MHz-SS/50-50Ω 2400-2500 50Ω/50Ω <0.75dB >14dB WiFi PDF
RIB310.608 Balun-3100MHz-SS/100-50Ω 3100-4900 100Ω/50Ω <0.95dB >12dB WiMa PDF