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Product Description

IPDiA filters designed for wireless applications GSM, WiFi and Wimax offer excellent performances over a broad range of frequencies.
Thanks to IPDiAs proprietary IPD technology, IPDiA couplers offer a 50 % gain in footprint compared with non-silicon solutions.

Key Benefits

Very low insertion loss
High attenuation compared with alternative technologies
Smaller than SMDs
Directly attachable on PCB or flipped on PCB
Temperature stability

Key Features

Passive integration on Silicon
Low insertion loss with high rejection
Impedance: 50Ω/50Ω
Frequency range: 824 to 5900MHz
Operating temperature range: -55 to +150C
WLCSP package
o 160m SAC305 bump size
o 500m bump pitch

P/N. Designation Freq. range (MHz) Insertion Loss / Return Loss (Typ.) Amplitude Ripple (peak to peak) (Typ.) Attenuation (Typ.) Application PDF
RIF310.603 LPF 915MHz / 50-50Ω 824-915 < 0.7dB / > 19dB 0.4dB 34dB @2500MHz 44dB @3500MHz GSM PDF
RIF310.602 BPF 2400-2500MHz /50-50Ω 2400-2500 < 1.3dB / > 14dB 0.4dB 37dB @900 MHz 17dB @1900 MHz 26dB @4800 MHz WiFi PDF
RIF310.604 BPF 3300-3700MHz /50-50 Ω 3300-3700 < 1.6 dB / > 10 dB 0.4dB 30dB @2500 MHz 33dB @5900 MHz WiMax PDF
RIF310.601 BPF 2110-2170MHz /50-50 Ω 2110-2170 < 1.5 dB / > 15 dB 0.4dB 33dB @1980 MHz 35dB @1920 MHz WCDMA PDF
RIF310.605 BPF HR_2400-2500MHz_50-50 2400-2500 < 1.3dB / > 19dB 0.4dB 36dB @900 MHz 31dB @1900 MHz 25dB @2170 MHz 27dB @4800 MHz WiFi PDF