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Diplexers / Duplexers

Product Description

IPDiA diplexer for GSM/DCS, GPS dual band, WiFi dual band , WiFi and Wimax applications with low Bandpass insertion loss and small size.
Thanks to IPDiAs proprietary IPD technology, IPDiA couplers offer a 50 % gain in footprint compared with non-silicon solutions.

Key Benefits

Low insertion loss <0.6 dB
High attenuation compared to alternative technologies >18 dB (B1 at B2) & >15 dB (B2 at B1)
Smaller than SMDs
Directly attachable on PCB or flipped on PCB
Temperature stability

Key Features

Passive integration on Silicon
Frequency Range: 824MHz to 5900MHz
. B1: 2.4GHz and B2: 5.9GHz
. B1: GSM and B2: DCS/PCS
Small size < 2.2mm
Operating temperature range: -40C to +150C
WLCSP package
. 150m 300m bump size
. 400m or 500m bump pitch

P/N. Designation Freq. range (MHz) Insertion Loss / Return Loss (Typ.) Attenuation (Typ.) Attenuation @2,3,5 freq (Typ.) Application PDF
RID310.601 Diplexer – 960-1710MHz - WB / 50-50Ω B1: 814-960 B2: 1710-1990 B1: 0.45dB / 25dB B2: 0.6dB / 13dB B1 at B2 freq: 21dB B2 at B1 freq 15dB GSM/DCS PDF
RID310.602 Duplexer – 2400-4900MHz - LIL / 50-50Ω B1: 2400-2500 B2: 4900-5900 B1: 0.5dB / 25dB B2: 0.4dB / 20dB B1 at B2 freq: 18dB B2 at B1 freq 25dB WiFi PDF
RID310.603 Duplexer – 2400-4900MHz - HR / 50-50Ω B1: 2400-2500 B2: 4900-5900 B1: 2dB / 15dB B2: 1dB / 15dB B1 at B2 freq: 42dB B2 at B1 freq 50dB B1 at 2B2 freq: >40dB B2 at 2B1 freq >25dB WiFi PDF