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Broadband & Ultra Broadband Capacitors

Product Description

Key Benefits

- Ultra broadband performance up to 100GHz+
- Flat frequency response
- Resonance free
- Excellent return loss
- No phase discontinuity
- Lower dielectric absorption (0.1%) compared with NP0/X7R
- No AC distortion due to low-to zero piezo effect
- Ultra high capacitance stability
- 100 times more reliable than X7R capacitors

Key Features

- Replacement of X7R and NP0
- Low profile applications: thickness down to 100 m
- Ultra low ESR and ESL
- Reliable and repeatable UBB applications thanks to a monolithic semiconductor process
- Capacitance stability over:
. Temperature (+60ppm/K)
. DC voltage < 0.1 %/V
. Aging < 0.001 %/1000 hours
- FIT < 0.017 parts/billion hours

ModelithicsIn order to offer the most comprehensive and accurate measurements on its ultra broadband capacitors, Murata works with Modelithics, leader in providing simulation models for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices. To have access to Murata products S parameters, please go on:

Type of document Capacitance Value Frequency Range Size Die Thickness Assembly Platform PDF
XBSC/UBSC/BBSC/ULSC Commercial Leaflet 1nF to 100nF 100GHz+/60GHz+/40GHz/20GHz 0201M/0201/0402/0603 100m/400m Surface Mounted PDF
UBEC/BBEC/ULEC Commercial Leaflet 1nF to 100nF 60GHz+/40GHz/20GHz 0201M/0201/0404 100m Wire Bondable PDF
UWSC Commercial Leaflet from 47pF to 22nF > 26 GHz 0101/0101+/015015/0202/0201/0303/0402/0504 100m/250m Wire Bondable Vertical PDF
UBSC/BBSC/ULSC Assembly Note 1nF/10nF/100nF 60GHz+/40GHz/20GHz 0201/0402/0603 100m / 400m SurfaceMounted PDF
UBEC/BBEC/ULEC Assembly Note 100nF 60GHz+/40GHz/20GHz 0201/0402/0603 100m Wire Bondable PDF
UWSC Assembly Note from 10pF to 22nF > 26 GHz 0101/0202/0303/0504 100m/250m Wire Bondable Vertical PDF
IPDiA's solutions for Optical Broadband Applications - Webcast Vido
White Paper Si Caps for phase sensitive broadband applications PDF
Product Line Technical Datasheet all UB series PDF
Silicon Capacitors Catalogue PDF