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High Temperature Automotive Capacitors

Product Description

The ATSC capacitors target Under-the-Hood electronics and all sensors exposed to harsh conditions in the automotive market segment. These automotive grade capacitors are optimized for decoupling functions. They are manufactured in Murata ISO-TS 16949 certified facility, under AEC-Q100 conditions up to 200C.

Key Benefits

- Specifically dedicated to Under-the-Hood applications
- Ultra high capacitance stability
- 10 times more reliable than alternative technologies
- Miniaturized capacitors to enable reduction in sensor size
- Meet the automotive voltage rating requirements
- No capacitance derating
- Leakage current 100 times lower than alternative technologies

Key Features

- Qualified according to AEC-Q100
- Ultra long life @ 200C
- High stability of capacitance value:
* Temperature <1 % (-55C to +200C)
* Voltage <0.1 %/V
* Negligible capacitance loss through ageing
- 16 V operating voltage
- Load dump
- 8 kV HBM ESD
- Low leakage current at 200C
- Suitable for high temperature leadframe mounting and embedding technologies.

Type of document Capacitance value Size Thickness Packaging PDF
ATSC Commercial Leaflet 1nF/47nF/100nF 0202/0505/0605 250 μm Tape & reel PDF
ATSC Assembly Note 1nF/47nF/100nF 0202/0505/0605 250 μm Tape & reel PDF
ATSC Product Line Technical Datasheet 1nF/47nF/100nF 0202/0505/0605 250 μm Tape & reel PDF
White Paper Automotive Grade Silicon Capacitors for Under-the-Hood applications PDF
Silicon Capacitors Catalogue PDF