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Ultra-low ESL & Ultra-low Profile Capacitors

Product Description

Ultra-low ESL (UESL) silicon capacitors target
power integrity and signal integrity for high-speed applications. With an ultra-low ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) and an excellent behavior in high frequencies, the UESL capacitors are the perfect match for power supply decoupling and bypass of high-speed digital IC.

Key Benefits

- Specifically dedicated to high-speed applications
- Minimization of ESL and ESR parasitics effects
- Efficient decoupling
- Miniaturization
- No derating effect
- Ultra-high capacitance stability
- Package height reduced
- of the footprint saved

Key Features

- Ultra-low ESL down to 10 pH
- Ultra-low ESR down to 20 mΩ
- Decoupling improved up to 35 dB at 1 GHz
- Ultra-low profile 100 m
- 200 nF Murata Sicap as replacement of 470 nF X5R MLCC
- Rated voltage: up to 2.5 V

Type of document Capacitance value ESL Size Thickness PDF
UESL Commercial leaflet 200 nF 30 pH 0402 100 μm PDF
UESL Commercial leaflet 470 nF 10 pH 0404 100 μm PDF
Article Ultra-low ESL and ultra-low profile Si Cap interest in decoupling high-speed IC PDF
Silicon Capacitors catalogue PDF