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Type of silicon components

  • Baluns
  • Low pass filters & high pass filters
  • Combiners/splitters
  • Capacitors
WLAN Band Pass Filter
2.4-2.5 GHz 1.06 x 0.92 mm
ISM coupler
High Frequency capacitor
80 GHz
GSM LB Balun 1.02 x 0.8 mm
GSM/DCS Duplexer
1.7 x 1.1 mm
GSM Low Pass Filter
Stub for impedance matching at 70 GHz
UWB Balun
UWB Balun
GSM Balun

Some products with PICS components Network as packaging platform

RF transceiver
Satellite front end module
SIP analog/digital converter
WEDGE transceiver for mobile phone application
Wireless thermal sensor
HB LED module

Some products with PICS silicon components inside

RFID SIP 1µF Silicon capacitor
Analog front end module
RFID module
Silicon components network 40 SMDs integrated in a single Silicon die