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Our Technology

The IPDiA Technology is one of the fastest growing technologies offering highly flexible and low cost integration of passives such as High-Q inductors, resistors, planar MIM capacitors and trench MOS capacitors for baluns, PLL loop filtering, low pass filtering, RC filtering, supply line decoupling, etc.

This technology provides a fully MOS compatible back-end technology for a full passive integration platform that can be further hetero-integrated Multiple-Chip-Module or flip-chip with other technologies (CMOS, MEMS, etc.) in a SIP.


All our products are based on optimized combinations of our 3D Silicon capacitors with additional passive components.


  • High or Low Ohmic Silicon substrate
  • High Quality Factor Inductors
    • Q> 80 @ 10GHz
  • Polysilicon Resistors up to 100kOhms with excellent matching capabilities
  • Very High Density Capacitors up to 4F with ultra low ESR
    • Operating voltage from 3 to 30V
  • MIM Capacitors up to 100pFwith ultra low ESR
    • BV 100V
  • Zener Diodes, ESD
    • MIL-Std-883D:8kV
    • VBR 8V,16V,24V,32V,50V,100V
  • Pin Diodes
    • VR 75V 7.4pF 620nm
  • Through Silicon Vias
    • → Crude vias 3 metal layers
    • → Thin vias 3 metal layers