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Develop your innovations

• IPDiA's team of Design, Process and Packaging experts provide a solid foundation to develop new technologies to fit your requirements for thin film passives, MEMS and LEDS.

We do prototyping and volume production in house on 150 mm wafers and can transfer the requisite manufacturing process to a high-volume foundry if necessary

As partners IPDiA, CEA Leti & LAAS combine efforts and capabilities, expertise and best practices with strategic technologies to provide new products and enter new markets.

• IPDiA offers a platform for application specific design & process co-development for silicon passive components realization (PICS).

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  • Customer Checklist

    Determine your requirements

  • Pre-studies

    Our experts review your requirements based on the "customer checklist", evaluate the technical feasibility and make a commercial proposal

  • Design Services

    Based on the validated pre-study and statement of work we provide a solution based on your requirements and optimizing our leading technologies

  • Prototypes

    Extensive knowledge of process and assembly technology is the key to our ability to serve your tested prototypes

  • Manufacturing ramp-up & release

    We involve manufacturing at an early stage in the development cycle to address design for manufacturing opportunities to reduce costs and increase quality. We operate to ISO 9001 certified quality standards to release our process