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Manufacture your Innovations

IPDiA has the skills and the ability to develop and produce small or large volumes, with our own technologies of silicon wafers, passive integrated circuits and more recently MEMS. We also offer our customers industrialization of their processes using Passive, MEMS, and Basic Bipolar or MOS.

We provide our customers with semiconductor studies, product samplings & production of prototypes or industrialization of their products with total confidentiality.


  • Silicon wafer: 150 mm, FlatSemiStd
  • Silicon wafer thickness: > 350 Ám
  • Annual Capacity wafers: 150 000
  • Available clean room surfaces: 3000 m2
  • Minimum lithography dimension: 0.8 Ám
  • Automatic Inspection: 100 %
  • Technology:
    • Integrated Passive Devices, Basic MOS & MEMS
  • PCM & E-sort measurement & analysis
  • IPD line yield: 98 %

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  • Thin film deposition:

    Dielectric PECVD: Oxide, PSG and Nitride
    Metal Sputtering
    Al, AlCu, AlSiCu
    Ti, WTi
    Cu, Pt, Ni, Ag
    Electroplating: Copper
    Electroless Plating: Nickel
    Immersion: Gold

    Epitaxial layers:

    Atmospheric & Reduce pressure (DCS & TCS)
    Doping (B2H6 & AsH3)

    Defectivity & Metrology:

    Particles analyses
    Interferometers & Profilometer
    Stress measurement & Shear test
  • Proximity & contact exposure 1:1

    Minimum feature 0.8 Ám
    Alignment accuracy 1.5 Ám Front to Back

    Stepper exposure 5:1

    Minimum feature 0.8 Ám
    Alignment accuracy 0.15Ám

    Photo resist coater & developer:

    Resist thicknesses from 0.8 Ám to 30 Ám

    Defectivity & Metrology:

    Inspection microscope
    KLA inspections
    CD microscopy measurement inspections
  • Deep silicon etching:
    with very high aspect Ratio (> 30)
    Depth (> 40 Ám)
    Through silicon via etching (Dry & Wet)
    Polysilicon, Oxide, Nitride Etching
    Metal Etching (Dry & Wet)
    Isotropic and anisotropic Etching
    Resist Removal (Wet & Dry)

    Defectivity & Metrology:

    Resist thicknesses from 0.8 Ám to 30 Ám

    Defectivity & Metrology:

    Microscopy Electron Beam in line (CD and profile)
    Fourier Transform Infra Red Measurement
  • Main diffusion process steps:

    Atmospheric oxidation and annealing
    Nitride, Nitride Low Stress
    In-situ-doped polysilicon
    High Phosphorous doping (Lydop)

    Main implant process steps:

    Ion: Boron, Arsenic, Argon, Antimony, Phosphorus
    Dose: from E12 to E16 atoms/cm2
    Energy: from 5 keV to 160 keV

    Pre-cleaning: SC1 / SC2

    Defectivity & Metrology:

    Surface charge Analysis.
  • Electrical measurements on wafer level at
    Process Control Module:

    Leakage currents
    Contact resistance
    Capacitor measurements, etc.

    On dies level:

    Mapping: electrical test results
    Mapping: merge with defectivity in-line analysis
    Parametric results by sampling
    SPC analysis